Discover Nuenen and surroundings

Van Gogh Roosegaarde cycle path

The Van Gogh Roosegaarde cycle path is on the Urkhovenseweg 57 in Eindhoven, which is between Eindhoven and Nuenen. In other words, close to the Opwetten Watermill. The Van Gogh Roosegaarde cycle path forms part of the Van Gogh cycle route, and the cycle path is located at junction 99-35. 

Van Gogh Roosegaarde fietspad

Nuenens Broek

Marshland such as the ‘Nuenens Broek’ has a very wet undergrowth and is characterised by alder and willow trees. This was also a marsh in former times. Nowadays the area is under the care of the Brabants Landschap countryside foundation. There are footpaths through the area.

There are rural benches in the Nuenens Broek. They are inspired by the song 'Hee gaode mee' by the Dutch singer Gerard van Maasakkers. Each bench has a large photo of a peasant family that is, or was, active in the Nuenens Broek.

You can park your car in the Lissevoort in Nuenen.

I’m also longing for you to get to know this corner of Brabant sometime — much more beautiful than the Breda side in my view. It’s delightful here at the moment.

Letter 439, Vincent van Gogh to Anthon van Rappard