The Friends' Foundation

The Friends’ Foundation 

The Friends’ Foundation (Stichting De Vrienden van Vincent Van Gogh & Nuenen) supports the aims of the Van Gogh Village Museum and Van Gogh Village Nuenen. With the support of Donating Friends, the Friends’ aim is to maintain the world of experience for the period that Vincent van Gogh lived and worked in Nuenen from December 1883 to November 1885, and make it accessible to a wider public.

The Friends are ambitious and aim to:

  • Increase awareness in the Van Gogh Village Museum and Van Gogh Village Nuenen 
  • Make possible the acquisition of small works of art
  • Support temporary exhibitions
  • Offer excursions and lectures

As a Friend, you will receive a card which gives you free entry to the Van Gogh Village Museum. You will receive regular newsletters (in Dutch) and you will be invited to special activities such as exhibitions, lectures and excursions.

  • You can become a Friend of Vincent van Gogh & Nuenen for € 35.00 per calendar year.
  • If you want to support the Friends with the whole family, take a family card for € 60.00.

Suggestion: You can also give a Friends’ card as a gift. State on the registration form in the information brochure the correct name and the address to which the card should be sent.

You can also request the Friend’s card by transferring your Friends’ donation to the Foundation’s bank account:
• Account number: NL34RABO01472.48.353  Rabobank Dommelstreek
• in the name of: De Stichting De Vrienden van Vincent Van Gogh & Nuenen
• quoting reference: Vriendenpas (€ 35.00 or a higher amount) or Vrienden Gezinspas (Family card, € 60.00 or a higher amount), stating name and delivery address.

The Friends of Vincent Van Gogh & Nuenen has a number of special Friends:

- The Vincent van Gogh Foundation Amsterdam
- Mr. Ton de Brouwer – Honorary Friend
- Mr. J. van Gogh - Honorary Friend †
- Mrs. J. van Gogh - Honorary Friend

Your Gift

Would you like to see thousands of art lovers continue to follow in the footsteps of Van Gogh? In a world of experience with no fewer than 23 locations that remind us of Van Gogh, 14 of which he painted or sketched.

Would you like to contribute so we can preserve this world of experience for future generations? Then join the group of sponsors and partners that have a warm place in their hearts for Van Gogh Village Nuenen.

The changing role of governmental authorities in maintaining cultural institutions means that cultural patronage is playing an increasingly important role.

With your support we can continue to maintain the preservation of this cultural heritage to a high level.

Changes to fiscal options
Since 1 January 2012 the Dutch tax authorities have relaxed the rules which apply to donations and investments in Public Benefit Institutions (ANBI). A limited number of cultural foundations have been designated the new status of ‘ANBI Cultuur‘ by the tax authorities. The Friends of Vincent van Gogh & Nuenen and the Van Gogh Village Nuenen Foundation both have this ANBI cultural status.

What are the tax benefits of a cultural ANBI (Public Benefit Institution)?

Since 1 January 2012 donations to cultural ANBIs are eligible for extra tax relief. Individuals may deduct 1.25 times the amount on their income tax return. Businesses that are subject to corporation tax may deduct 1.5 times the amount on their corporation tax return. Read more about the above document in YOUR GIFT