Van Gogh Village Nuenen

Following a successful collaboration which resulted in Vincent’s Lightlab, ASML and Van Gogh Village Museum are reinforcing this by entering into a three-year partnership. One result of this is that all children under the age of 18 will receive free admission. The collaboration also includes an educational programme being developed especially for schools. A separate audio tour for young people is also in production. This will enable young people to discover the inspiring story of Vincent van Gogh in the museum, and then learn about the interaction between technology and art in the Lightlab. 


Vincent van Gogh’s period in Nuenen was of significant importance.

This period also greatly influenced what he painted in France. The fascinating stories about his life in Nuenen and his quest for light, colour and perspective resulted in his first masterpiece, and these are a central theme of our museum.



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Seeing and doing

After visiting the museum it will be time to go out for a walk and see the various locations that Vincent painted. Discover the places where he stood, and see what he saw…. and painted 140 years ago. It’s like walking through one of his paintings.

No fewer than 24 locations in Nuenen remind us of Van Gogh; 14 of which were painted or sketched by him. The other objects are statues or buildings with a special significance

See and Do

Van Gogh Village Museum

  • Depicts Vincent’s time in Nuenen as well as the importance for all his works during his period in Brabant.
  • Shows how his first masterpiece The Potato Eaters came into being and the journey that led to it, with numerous studies of hands, heads and peasants.
  • Includes temporary exhibitions
  • Vincents Lightlab: discover for yourself the surprising effects of light and colour, just as Vincent van Gogh did in his time.
  • We have a large shop and an attractive coffee bar and reading table 
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You can walk around the outdoor museum by yourself. It will be useful to have the ‘Out and About with Vincent’ booklet.

A guided walking tour is possible.
There will always be a guide available on Saturdays and Sundays at 15:00.

Guided walks for groups are also possible.



The new museum offers many hands-on exhibits. Vincents Lightlab is designed to play and learn! 

After visiting the Van Gogh Village museum you can go on a short walking tour of Nuenen, intended mainly for children and their (grand)parents. This will help you explore the many Van Gogh monuments in Nuenen on foot. 

What Vincent van Gogh said about Nuenen...

"And reality sometimes comes very close to the Brabant that one has dreamt…"

Letter 446 - Arrival in Nuenen, 15 May 1884