We have a short walking tour of Nuenen, intended mainly for children and their (grand)parents.
This will help you explore the many Van Gogh monuments in Nuenen on foot. 


There are no fewer than 23 locations, objects and monuments in Nuenen that remind us of Van Gogh. 

“Did Van Gogh really stand here, on this very spot?”, asks an incredulous visitor to the guide. “Yes, he really stood here. And he did so while making this painting”, replies the guide.

The visitor tries to comprehend this. “Wow” is the only thing he can say. It touches him. What an experience!


Welcome to Museum Vincentre

Learn about Vincent van Gogh in Museum Vincentre where we will show you Nuenen as it was in 1883 when Vincent came to live here. Our audioguide is availabe in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese. 

Museum Vincentre also is a perfect starting point for walks, with or without a guide, through the open air museum. 

Vincentre has an excellent gift shop, stocked with really unique, a bit arty, presents!   

Plan your visit

What Vincent van Gogh said about Nuenen...

"And reality sometimes comes very close to the Brabant that one has dreamt…"

Letter 446 - Arrival in Nuenen, 15 May 1884

  • Opening times, address Museum Vincentre

    Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 to 17:00
    Address: Berg 29, 5671 CA Nuenen

    Opening times, address Museum Vincentre
  • Useful information Museum Vincentre

    Audio tour
    Visitors from other countries can hire an audioguide so they won’t miss out any of the experience.

    The stylishly furnished shop has many items on sale. Together with the coffee corner this will make your visit complete.

    Useful information Museum Vincentre
  • Packages Museum Vincentre

    Start by visiting Museum Vincentre. Then walk past a large number of Van Gogh Monuments with a guide. 

    Packages Museum Vincentre