Vincents Lightlab

Vincents Lightlab

People of all ages can go in search of perspective and light, just as Van Gogh did in his time.

Light is colour, and colour is light.
But what is colour?
What is light?
What can we really see?

How does experiencing light really work?

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Vincent’s quest for light is obvious in his first masterpiece. In a letter to his brother Theo he wrote how darker shades actually have plenty of colour, and talks about “…copper and green soap-like tones, but that this drawing back will, I hope, be twofold, namely that I hope to paint some in a lighter spectrum, more flesh and blood - but equally am searching for something that’s even more green soap and coppery…”.

This resulted in a colourful but dark painting, his first masterpiece, with an oil lamp literally and figuratively as a source of light.

The Potato Eaters

Light, Brabant and perseverance. Typical of Vincent van Gogh. Typical also of ASML.

Van Gogh wanted to find out all about light. ASML aims to achieve the same. That requires investigation and a hard-working and persevering attitude. Both are very similar in this regard, and when both have their roots in Brabant, you have the start of a good partnership. Click on the link below if you want to find out more.

ASML has made Vincents Lightlab in our museum a reality. Visitors can discover the effects of light and colour for themselves in a surprising way. Just as Vincent did in his time.

Partnership Van Gogh - ASML

In order to get the chiaroscuro right, one must not only paint a lot but also really see a great deal being painted, and know some things about theory, about light and colour.

Letter 478, Vincent van Gogh to Anton Kerssemakers