Start at Vincentre Museum

Discover Vincent’s world


Learn about Vincent in Museum Vincentre in Nuenen where we will show you Nuenen as it was in 1883 when Vincent came to live here. You will get to know Vincent as a real person and see him develop into a world-famous artist. 

In Museum Vincentre you can follow Vincent’s artistic development that leads to his first masterpiece The Potato Eaters, learn about his family and from Vincentre visit the many locations that he has captured in his work. 

Vincentre has an excellent gift shop. It is also a perfect starting point for walks (with or without a guide) to experience the outdoor museum Nuenen. There are no fewer than 23 locations, objects and monuments in Nuenen that remind us of Van Gogh. 
You can book a guide, or buy a booklet with maps for a self guided walk, in Vincentre. Several languages are available.