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Brabant is the Dutch province where Vincent van Gogh was born and raised. How did young Vincent grow up to become the famous painter that inspires millions of people all over the world? Start here to explore his homeland and visit the places and unique heritage centres you recognise from his letters, sketches, drawings and paintings. Please check the location for details.  

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Vincentre Museum Nuenen

Nuenen is an ‘outdoor museum’ with no fewer than 21 buildings and landscapes which have a direct relationship with Van Gogh in Nuenen. He produced a quarter of his total works in Nuenen, including his first masterpiece The Potato Eaters! 

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Van Gogh Church Etten-Leur

Having decided to become an artist, Vincent van Gogh returned to his parents’ house in Etten in 1881. This is where he found his first models and where he became inspired by the landscapes. See how Van Gogh laid the foundations for his future masterpieces.

Photography Paul Raats

Photography Paul Raats

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Vincent van GoghHouse in Zundert

Vincent van Gogh was born and raised in Zundert. Memories of his youth are brought to life in the Vincent van GoghHuis.This Zundert initiative brings to life one of Vincent's dreams.

© Het Noordbrabants Museum

Het Noordbrabants Museum

Admire original Van Gogh paintings at the Noordbrabants Museum and learn all about Brabant in Van Gogh's days. 

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The young Vincent van Gogh received his first drawing lessons in Tilburg. You can see for yourself in the modern Vincent’s Art Room how Van Gogh’s talents developed.

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