See and do

A visit to Nuenen starts with a visit to the Van Gogh Village Museum. 

After that you can go for a walk or a cycle trip.

This will take you past various heritage locations in the beautiful Brabant countryside.

Learn about Vincent and discover Nuenen

The best way to experience Vincen's life as it was, is to first visit the Van Gogh Village Museum. And after that, go outside. You can visit the many Van Gogh Monuments in the village. If you would like to take a guided walk around the many monuments in order to hear the story of Vincent van Gogh in Nuenen: please contact us. 

In our new exposition the audiotour, guiding you through the museum, is availabe in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese. 

24 Van Gogh locations and monuments

Brabant is home to a large number of locations with a discernible and tangible heritage. Places where Vincent van Gogh left his mark. He was inspired by the countryside and the hard working Brabant people. Most of them can be found in Nuenen, where you truly can walk in Vincent's footsteps. Where you can find no fewer than 24 locations, objects and monuments in Nuenen that remind us of Van Gogh. 

We have a special page about the six wind and watermills in and around Nuenen. 

Windmills and watermills in and around Nuenen

I’m also longing for you to get to know this corner of Brabant sometime — much more beautiful than the Breda side in my view. It’s delightful here at the moment.

Letter 439, Vincent Van Gogh to Anthon van Rappard, Nuenen maart 1884