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In our online shop we sell the book Out and About with Vincent, to help you explore our local gems on foot, or by bike. The book includes maps and information about the many Van Gogh monuments in Nuenen.



Learn about Vincent and discover Nuenen

The Vincentre museum will show you Nuenen as it was in 1883 when Vincent came to live here. You can experience things the way he experienced them. Modern techniques will make this a real happening. And not just see, you can also use your hands!
You will get to know Vincent as a real person and see him develop into a world-famous artist.

39 Van Gogh monuments

Brabant is home to a large number of locations with a discernible and tangible heritage. Places where Vincent van Gogh left his mark. He was inspired by the countryside and the hard-working Brabant people.There are many interesting heritage locations and landscapes within an hour’s drive. 39 of them have been proclaimed Van Gogh Monument. 

To find the monuments in Nuenen, we strongly recommend the book Out and About with Vincent. For sale in our shop, also online (postal addresses in The Netherlands only). 


Trips out to Eindhoven

Vincent made regular visits to Eindhoven, mostly to buy painting materials and also to visit his artist friends Willem van de Wakker, Anton Kerssemakers, Dimmen Gestel and Antoon Hermans. He often found subjects for his paintings and drawings on the way: the watermill at Kollen, the Martinus Church in Tongelre, the railway sheds at the old station in Eindhoven, the Catharinakerk church and the telegraph office.

Who were his artist friends?