Organisation Van Gogh Village Nuenen

The Van Gogh Village Nuenen Foundation (Stichting Van Gogh Village Nuenen) shows all (inter)national visitors why his period in Nuenen was so crucial, and was consequently the most interesting period in his development as a person and as an artist. The heritage locations and the Van Gogh Village Museum ensure a unique experience, because nowhere else in the world can visitors get so close to Van Gogh as in Nuenen.

Van Gogh Village Nuenen is working towards (inter)national recognition and accreditation of the importance of Van Gogh’s period in Nuenen. By literally following in his footsteps, more and more visitors are experiencing that they can't get any closer to Van Gogh, and by offering this experience, our foundation is contributing to the Brabant leisure economy. In addition, by having Van Gogh in our midst as a knowable, touchable figure, the manufacturing and knowledge industry of the Brainport region in south-east Brabant is given a creative and inspirational boost.

These are our focus points for the next few years:

  • Operating the Van Gogh Village Museum and the outdoor museum (heritage locations)
  • Achieving an extension to the museum 
  • Collaboration in local, regional, national and international areas
  • Organising events and activities.
  • Making known our collection policy
  • Educational resources
  • Fulfilling a social role for groups in society.

Organisation with volunteers
The Van Gogh Village Nuenen Foundation is a large organisation in which about 160 volunteers play an active part. All of them people who do their work with pleasure, are happy to share their knowledge, want to make a significant impact and of course display the famous Brabant hospitality. Their respect for Vincent van Gogh is the main incentive.

The Nuenense Krant local newspaper produced a Special (in Dutch) in November 2019 about the volunteers in our museum (see attachment).

Board members* 

  • Jan Kees Lemkes (chair)
  • Jan van Hout (treasurer)
  • Arno Aarts (board member)
  • Jeroen Veldkamp (board member)

*Board members are volunteers and unpaid.

Chamber of Commerce: 17140776

The Dutch Tax Authorities have declared the Van Gogh Village Nuenen Foundation to be a Public Benefit Institution Foundation (ANBI). 

Registration using the RSIN/fiscal number: 810375680.

Jaarverslag VGVN 2021 (in Dutch)

Jaarrekening 2021 (in Dutch)

Beleidsplan 2019-2021 (in Dutch)

    Simone van der Heiden

    Day to day administration

    • Urban van Gils 
    • Peter van Merode

    Marketing Team

    • Vera Hussaarts
    • Jan Kees Lemkes
    • Anke Prinssen
    • Dorine Saes
    • Frank van Welie (fotografie)


    • Peter van Merode
    • Carolijn Segers


    • Ad van Rooij
    • Peter van Overbruggen
    • Hans Keijzer 

    Steering group Guides 

    • Yvonne Geerling
    • Hans Keijzer 
    • Peter van Overbruggen
    • Jos Verbunt 

    Technical and Household

    • Peter Bastiaansen 
    • Karel Lammers
    • Ad van Rooij


    • Interlex Language Services

    Organisational Volunteers

    • Judith Schenderling 
    • Johan Nieuwdorp
    • Annemieke Netten 
    • Maya Merrington 
    • Wim Renders 

    VVV tourist information -  Museum entry - Shop

    • Gofie van der Linden
    • Gerda Vis


    • Len Fraser
    • Margriet Bastiaansen 


    • Jasper van der Toorn  
    • Francien Naus 
    • Mieke Peters
    • Marianne van de Donk
    • Zeno Houwers

    Arrangements for schools 

    • Zeno Houwers 
    • Hans Smets