Van Gogh Brabant

Vincent van Gogh was born in Brabant in the south of the Netherlands in 1853. Here lies the origin of his unique talent and his obstinate character. It was in Brabant that he developed his love of the countryside and of ordinary people; themes that recur throughout his entire oeuvre. The locations in Brabant where Van Gogh lived and worked have combined forces under the name Van Gogh Brabant. Three heritage centres, 39 Van Gogh Monuments and a collection of original works in the Noordbrabants Museum tell the story of his life. Visitors can follow traces of his childhood years in Zundert to the start of his career in Etten, from drawing lessons in Tilburg to his first masterpiece in Nuenen.

Van Gogh Sites Foundation

The Van Gogh Sites Foundation has established itself for the preservation and development of the Van Gogh heritage. The Foundation aims to stimulate social and economic significance through exhibitions and educational programmes in and around the Van Gogh Monuments. The story of the painter’s life and its relevance to present and future generations will form a central theme.

The Van Gogh Sites Foundation is the organisation behind the Van Gogh heritage locations, Van Gogh Sites NV (real estate) and Van Gogh Brabant. The Foundation works in close cooperation with the European Van Gogh museums and heritage locations, under the common banner Van Gogh Europe and Van Gogh national Park i.o..

Van Gogh Sites Foundation

Van Gogh Real Estate

Van Gogh Sites NV (Real Estate) was initiated in 2018, its goal being to acquire the Van Gogh Monuments and exploit them in a sustainable way.

Van Gogh Sites NV

Board and Organisation

The board of the Van Gogh Heritage Foundation comprises representatives of Van Gogh Brabant with an independent day-to-day board. Management and marketing will be carried out by VisitBrabant on behalf of the Van Gogh Heritage Foundation.

  • President: Mr B. van der Els
  • Vice-president: Mr B. de Boer
  • Secretary: Mr L. Besselink
  • Treasurer: Mr P. Vermeulen
  • Board member: Ms. L. Jansen
  • Board member: Mr G.J. De Graaf
  • Board member: Mr J.K. Lemkes
  • Director: Mr F. van den Eijnden
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Brief van Vincent van Gogh aan Willemien van Gogh met schets van Herinnering aan de tuin in Etten (recto)
Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890), Arles, c. 12 november 1888

Van Gogh Europe

Van Gogh Brabant is colaborates with the Van Gogh Europe Foundation, a network of collaborating European locations and collections associated with Vincent van Gogh’s life and work. It aims to make Van Gogh’s cultural heritage accessible to a wide audience, in order to inspire, unite and engage current and future generations. Route Van Gogh Europe inspires tourists to visit the different Van gogh sites in Europe. 

Route Van Gogh Europe