Life and work in Zundert

Vincent was born in Zundert

30 March 1853: Vincent van Gogh was born in Zundert. He enjoyed a privileged childhood in the village parsonage.Vincent grew up the son of the minister who preached in this church. Initially he planned to follow in his father’s footsteps. But after a failed career as an evangelist in the Belgian mining area of the Borinage, he moved away from the conventional church and his belief became more individual.

The reformed church

Vincent grew up as the son of minister Theodorus van Gogh. 

The reformed church

Vincent's brother's grave

The grave of Vincent's older brother who was stillborn can still be seen. 

© Vincent van GoghHuis Zundert

Birthplace Vincent van Gogh

On march 30 1853, Vincent was born in Zundert.

Birtheplace of Vincent van Gogh

Memories of sister Lies

Vincent's sister Lies wrote memoires of there childhood. 

Memoirs of childhood