Van Gogh Church Etten-Leur

Etten-Leur is the town where the worldfamous Vincent van Gogh started his career. This is where 28 years old Vincent made the final decision to become an artist. The full story is told in the former Dutch Reformed Church where Vincent's father was a vicar for seven years. The Van Gogh family lived in Etten for seven years. In the colourful Van Gogh Church, you can see and hear how Vincent laid the foundations for his later masterpieces.


Five Van Gogh Monuments

Etten-Leur counts five official Van Gogh Monuments: the former Protestant church (nowadays called Van Gogh Church), the former verger house (nowadays also Van Gogh Shop & Tourist Information), the old Townhall (the place where Vincents was registered as an artist for the first time - a copy of that document can be seen in the church), the Catholic Lambertus church and the spot where the family Van Gogh lived and Vincent had his first workshop/studio; nowadays marked with a statue of Vincent by artist Hein Vree.

Van Gogh Locations