Mill De Vogelenzang

Vincent regularly went out during his stay in Nuenen. For example, he and a young boy from Nuenen went to see a large heath and he drew and painted in the surrounding area with his friend from Eindhoven Antoon Kerssemakers.

Already in 1912 Kerssemakers in the Groene Amsterdammer told: "So we have made several times excursions in Nuenen, among other things to that old-medieval chapel, which stood in the middle of the field, and to that beautiful old windmill under Lieshout, where I later still with him such a bold, bold study with those square sheep under the mill. "

Van Gogh drew and painted objects in Nuenen and surroundings in his Nuenen period. It has been established that he twice depicted De Vogelenzang windmill in Lieshout (Municipality of Laarbeek). As a black-and-white drawing with a corn blade in the foreground and as a picture.

A special fact is the discovery of a drawing under a later work by Van Gogh. In 1988 the Van Gogh Museum received the "Vase with Daffodils" on long-term loan. When taking x-rays in preparation for cleaning the painting, a windmill was discovered under the flower still life. Given the period in which this work was made and given the construction of the mill and the surrounding houses, we can recognize De Vogelenzang.


Molendreef 8
5735 EP Lieshout
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