Van Gogh Monument by Hildo Krop

In December 1929 a committee was formed in Amsterdam whose aim was to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of Vincent van Gogh’s death with a permanent monument. Among those who took the initiative were the architect Berlage and the artist Mondriaan. In 1930 it was decided that Nuenen was the best place to erect this monument.  The municipality of Nuenen was also asked to make a contribution. After considering the request, the council decided to contribute fifty guilders. Hildo Krop was commissioned to produce the monument and it was unveiled on Saturday 30 July 1932. Hendrik Wiegersma from Deurne wrote a speech for the event and read it out during the unveiling. Afterwards he offered it for sale for one hundred guilders for the benefit of the poor. Eventually he received twelve and a half guilders for it.

The monument comprises a millstone made from a Bavarian boulder upon which a basalt block from the south of France is placed with a radiant sun carved out of it. The monument combines the dark Nuenen period with the light French period. Around the edge of the millstone are written the words:

“Vincent van Gogh worked in this village December 1883 to November 1885”.

source: Regional Historical Centre, Eindhoven.


thv Berg 44
5671 CA Nuenen
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