Protestant Church Zundert | Grave of Vincent van Gogh’s brother

Protestant Church Zundert

Vincent grew up as the son of the minister Theodorus van Gogh who preached at this church in Zundert. At first he wanted to follow his father’s calling but after a failed career as an evangelist in the Borinage, a mining district in Belgium, he turned away from the church and his religion became a private affair.

Grave of Vincent’s brother

The grave of Vincent’s oldest brother who was stillborn can still be seen in the churchyard. That was exactly one year before Vincent himself was born. He only wrote about this grave once, in a letter of condolence to his former boss Tersteeg who had just lost his young daughter.

The grave had little emotional relevance for Vincent. For him the churchyard was one of the places where he played as a child and where he could appreciate the quietness.

The old verger’s house is next to the churchyard and there is also a guest studio where contemporary artists’ works can regularly be seen.


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