De Opwettense watermolen

In 1884 the young Piet van Hoorn found Vincent van Gogh. He found him when Vincent came by to paint the mill, he found Vincent a peculiar guy. The guy must have been 11 years old, seeing a facing brick reminds us of the 100th birthday of mulder Piet van Hoorn (1873-1974). 

This watermill can be found between Nuenen and Eindhoven. Van Gogh lived in Nuenen and often passed this big water wheel of the Netherlands, which made the watermill a favourite drawing- and painting object of this painter.

De Opwettense watermolen is also located next to a biking- and hiking route ‘Op pad met Vincent’, which translates to ‘On the road with Vincent’. Here you learn, with 18 information kiosks, everything about Van Goghs time in this pearl of Brabant.


Opwettenseweg 203
5674 AC Nuenen
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