Van Gogh Mural Helmond

Helmond: Kasteel-Traverse

Artist Ilse Weisfelt got inspired by the workers in Van Gogh's paintings. On the four pillars under the viaduct of the Kasteel-Traverse, on either side of the canal, this theme is elaborated in a contemporary form. Although the pillars can be viewed separately, they also form a connection. "I've been working with the workers that fascinated Van Gogh. These workers are shown in repeating patterns on the pillars. One side always shows the 'worker', the other side is a variation on the Brabant landscape - the little church that Van Gogh often painted, wooden trunks and fields. I alternate these so that when you look at the potato planters, for example, you can see the fields on the other side of the canal. On the short sides of the triangles the two sides meet, and they overlap." says Ilse.

In addition to the mural in Helmond, Ilse also collaborated on the mural of Joren Joshua in Breda. This mural was created in collaboration with the Municipality of Helmond, the Carat Foundation, Zuidlijn, Van Gogh Brabant and Urban Matterz.