Van Gogh Mural Breda

Breda: Terheijdensestraat

This 130-meter long mural, made by Joren Joshua, is an ode to the 'forgotten brother of Vincent van Gogh' and the Breda Backer & Rueb machine factory. Joren worked on the painting for almost two weeks and received help from his artist friends. The painting features a man with bright orange hair, this is Cornelius (Cor) van Gogh, Vincent van Gogh's younger brother. Like Vincent, Cor had an eventful life. Because of his technical background, he worked for Backer & Rueb for a while. However, he wasn't too keen on the Netherlands, so he went on a trip and ended up in South Africa. There he became a technical draughtsman for the South African Railway Company. Eventually, Cor joined the Boer Command during the Second Boer War, but he was soon wounded. During his stay in the hospital, Cor shot himself at the age of 32.

This mural is part of Blind Walls Gallery in Breda, a collection of murals that are inspired by local heritage and stories, and is a collaboration between Zuidlijn, Van Gogh Brabant, Municipality of Breda and Blind Walls Gallery.