Van Gogh Mural Tilburg

Tilburg: Ringbaan Noord

This work was done by graffiti artist Erik Veldmeijer. Erik has been active as an artist for over 25 years and his murals can be found throughout Tilburg. His latest work, measuring five by six meters, can now be seen on the Ringbaan Noord in Tilburg. "The story behind the Van Gogh painting is inspired by Van Gogh's sunflowers. She is a Sunflower Girl that is watering herself and thus symbolizes the cycle of life." The work also shows Van Gogh's love-hate relationship with perspective drawing, which he eventually learned in Tilburg.

This mural is a collaboration between Zuidlijn, Wonen Breburg, Schônste wijk, Van Gogh Brabant and the Municipality Tilburg.