Van Gogh Monuments in Brabant region

39 Van Gogh monuments

Brabant is home to a large number of locations with a discernible and tangible heritage. Places where Vincent van Gogh left his mark. He was inspired by the countryside and the hard-working Brabant people.There are many interesting heritage locations and landscapes within an hour’s drive. 39 of them have been proclaimed Van Gogh Monument. 

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Het Noordbrabants Museum

Verwersstraat 41
5211 HT 's-Hertogenbosch

The Noordbrabants Museum is housed in an eighteenth century governmental palace in the centre of the medieval town of ’s-Hertogenbosch...


Vincents Tekenlokaal (Vincent’s Art Room)

Burgemeester Brokxlaan 20 Hal 79
5041 SB Tilburg

The young Vincent van Gogh received his first drawing lessons in Tilburg. You can see for yourself in the modern Vincent’s Art...



Berg 29
5671 CA Nuenen

Nuenen is an ‘outdoor museum’ with no fewer than 21 buildings and landscapes which have a direct relationship with Van Gogh in...


The Opwetten WATERMILL

Opwettenseweg 203
5674 AC Nuenen

There’s something quite unique about the Opwetten Watermill because where else in the world can you find yourself inside one of...


Van Gogh Village Nuenen

Berg 29
5671 CA Nuenen

The village of Nuenen is also known as Van Gogh Village, and rightly so. There isn’t a place in the Netherlands where you can...


Van Gogh Church

Markt 4
4875 CE Etten-Leur

Located in the centre of Etten-Leur, the Van Gogh Church offers a fascinating glimpse into what is probably the least known period...


Vincent van GoghHuis

Markt 26
4881 CN Zundert

The Vincent van GoghHuis: a living arts centre in the birthplace of Brabant’s most famous artist ever, stands on the spot where...


Grote Kerk Breda

Kerkplein 2
4811 TX Breda

Vincent’s grandfather – also called Vincent – who was descended from an art-loving family in The Hague, was a preacher at the...


Van Gogh Monument by Hildo Krop

5671 CA Nuenen

In December 1929 a committee was formed in Amsterdam whose aim was to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of Vincent van Gogh’s...


Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path

Urkhovenseweg 57
5641 KB Eindhoven

There is a unique cycle path in Eindhoven, just outside Nuenen which was inspired by The Starry Night by the master painter Vincent...


Gennep Watermill

genneperweg 143
5644 RS Eindhoven

Van Gogh painted the watermill several times.


Verger’s House Zundert

Sint Elisabethlaan 1 a
4881 DA Zundert

Next to the church where Vincent’s father Theodorus 'Dorus' van Gogh was the minister, there was an old house that was bought...


Weaver’s house

Berg 40
5671 CC Nuenen

Just one of the many weavers’ houses that were in Nuenen in Van Gogh’s time has been preserved. It was built in 1763 and is now...


The Watermill at Kollen

Collseweg 3
5641 JN Eindhoven

In May 1884 Vincent worked on a number of paintings of mills. He painted the watermill at Kollen that he passed when walking from...


Aunts’ House, Markt 25 Zundert

Markt 25
4881 CN Zundert

The Van de Burgh sisters, Vincent van Gogh’s godmothers, lived at Markt 25.


Helvoirt Protestant Church

van grevenbroeckstraat 2
5268 AN Helvoirt

The Protestant Church in Helvoirt is a gothic church in the shape of a cross.


Heilige Clemenskerk Nuenen

Park 53
5671 GC Nuenen

The church is close to Vincent van Gogh’s second studio in Nuenen. Van Gogh portrayed the church in one of his paintings and in...


Markt (market) with Zundert Town Hall

Markt 1
4881 CN Zundert

Vincent van Gogh’s birth was registered in the town hall in Zundert.


Broekdijk Avenue of Poplars

Hoekstraat 1
5674 NN Nuenen

In 1884 Vincent Van Gogh painted ‘Avenue of Poplars in Autumn’ (F122), a depiction of the Schoteldonkse Hoeve farmhouse and the...


Vicarage and garden

Berg 26
5671 CC Nuenen

The Van Gogh family lived here from 1882 to 1885, with Vincent living there from December 1883 to May 1884.


Old Town Hall Etten-Leur

Markt 1
4875 CB Etten-Leur

The old council offices (also known as the Meeting Centre) was the former town hall of Etten-Leur. It was here that Vincent van...


Jan Provily’s boarding school

Stationsstraat 16
4761 BS Zevenbergen

This building was formerly Jan Provily’s boarding school for boys. Vincent went to school there after the summer of 1864, when...


Graves of grandparents and Oom Cent

Haagweg 334
4813 XE Breda

Vincent van Gogh’s grandparents are buried in a Protestant graveyard.


Grave of Johannes van Gogh (1817-1885)

Vincent van Goghstraat
5268 AE Helvoirt

The graves of Vincent’s uncle Johannes van Gogh (1817-1885) and his aunts Dorothea van Gogh (1815-1882) and Antje van Gogh (1812-1883).