Van Gogh Heritage Foundation

The Van Gogh Heritage Foundation has established itself for the preservation and development of the Van Gogh heritage. The Foundation aims to stimulate social and economic significance through exhibitions and educational programmes in and around the Van Gogh Monuments. The story of the painter’s life and its relevance to present and future generations will form a central theme.

The Van Gogh Heritage Foundation is the organisation behind the Van Gogh Heritage Centres, Van Gogh Vastgoed NV and Van Gogh Brabant. The Foundation works in close cooperation with the European Van Gogh museums and heritage locations, under the common banner Van Gogh Europe.

(Photo: the old Reformed Church and Sexton's House  in Etten)

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39 Van Gogh Monuments

In 2016, academic research identified 39 (!) Van Gogh Monuments in Brabant. The Van Gogh Heritage Foundation has taken the initiative to support these Van Gogh Monuments in a sustainable way and from 2018 to find their place in society, with collaboration from government, individuals, educational establishments and international businesses.

(Photo: The Watermill at Opwetten, Nuenen)

International significance

In the first phase, the three most famous Van Gogh Monuments will be purchased, extended and equipped
as Van Gogh Heritage Centres of (international) significance:
*Van Gogh Huis in Zundert (Van Gogh's birthplace)
*Van Gogh Church in Etten-Leur (Van Gogh's start of his career as an artist)
*Van Gogh Centre in Nuenen (Van Gogh's first masterpiece: The potatoe eaters)

(Photo: Birthplace of Vincent van Gogh, Zundert)

Maintain and manage Van Gogh’s heritage

A professional organisation, the Van Gogh Heritage Foundation, has been set up to maintain and manage Vincent van Gogh’s heritage and to make it accessible in a sustainable and appropriate manner. The Foundation will play a central, coordinating and directing role for the regional Van Gogh destination and Van Gogh Vastgoed (Real Estate) NV. This foundation, which has the status of a Dutch Public Benefit Organisation, has taken upon itself the role and the responsibility to develop and exploit the Van Gogh Monuments in a sustainable way.

Become a joint owner of a Van Gogh Monument

Certificates for shares in the Van Gogh Vastgoed NV capital will offer private and public investors, such as businesses, associations, institutions and individuals the opportunity to become joint owners of a unique
piece of Van Gogh heritage. In this way the preservation and management of this heritage will be made possible now and in the future.

Become a joint owner of a Van Gogh Monument.

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